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Marketing PR Events & Advertising Awards

The awards below are for the whole year with this month's awards at the top. A '~' indicates that the date is an estimate.

Award Submission Deadline Awarding Date
The Masters of Marketing Awards 1st May 3rd October
Marketing Week Awards 1st May 3rd October
Campaign Creative Tech Awards 5th May 12th June
Communication Arts Awards Multiple dates Multiple dates
B2B Marketing People Awards 7th May 22nd June
PR News Platinum PR Awards 12th May ~1st October
IPA Effectiveness Awards 15th May 13th October
IPRA Golden World Awards for Excellence 15th May ~5th November
M&M Global Awards 18th May 7th September
POPAI Awards (Point of Purchase/Sale) 26th May 11th July
Clio Awards 26th May 27th September
W3 Awards 26th May ~26th September
Web Marketing Association (WMA) WebAwards 31st May ~8th September
The Creative Disruptors Awards 2nd June 12th May
The #Femvertising Awards 2nd June 25th September
ITSMA Marketing Excellence Awards 7th June 1st November
Marketing Week 100 Disruptive Brands Ranking ~8th June
PRWeek Awards 8th June 18th October
London International Awards 9th June 1st November
CorpComms DigiAwards 9th June 14th September
Marketing New Thinking Awards 9th June ~1st October
Digiday Signal Awards 9th June ~17th November
Davey Awards 9th June ~15th October
CIPR PRide Awards 13th June Multiple dates
Event Awards 14th June 22nd November
UK Agency Awards 16th June 13th September
Campaign Big Awards 17th June 19th October
APM Project Management Awards 19th June 20th November
B2B Marketing Awards 23rd June 23rd November
The Mashies 24th June TBC
Direct Marketing Association International Echo Awards 25th June 16-18 October
TransgressiveX eXchange Awards N/A 26th May
Media Week Awards 29th June 20th October
Media Owner Awards 30th June 15th November
Clio Music Awards 30th June 11th September
Field Marketing and Brand Experience FMBE Awards 4th July 19th October
MRS Awards 6th July 4th December
Franchise Marketing Awards 7th July ~1st April
The IPM COGS Awards (Institute of Promotional Marketing) ~11th July 23rd September
Digital Entrepreneur Awards 11th July 9th November
Mercomm Galaxy Awards 11th July 9th November
BE Connected Awards 13th July 19th October
PRCA Awards 14th July 7th November
PR News' Digital PR Awards 14th July ~9th November
Screen Awards 15th July 20th October
Database Marketing Awards 15th July 29th September
The Videographer Awards 15th July 1st August
The Drum Dream Awards ~16th July 11th October
Summit Marketing Effectiveness Awards 17th July ~1st November
The Drum DADI Awards 21st July 19th October
Campaign Media Awards 21st July 9th November
The Drum Content Awards 21st July 2nd November
D&AD Impact Awards 22nd July 27th September
LIA Awards 31st July 1st November
Marketing and Digital Recruitment Awards 31st July 23rd November
The Meetings Industry Marketing Awards (MIMA) 31st July 25th September
The Global Awards - World's Best Healthcare & Wellness Advertising 31st July 17th November
The Landy Awards (Search Engine Land) 31st July 25th October
EVCOM Clarion Awards 1st August ~29th September
Word of Mouth Marketing WOMMY Awards 1st August 15th November
Clio Entertainment 4th August 2nd November
Corpcomms Awards ~5th August 23rd November
Social Buzz Awards 5th August 30th November
DMA The Innovation Awards 8th August 8th October
Cynopsis Model D Awards ~11th August 4th November
Internationalist Awards for Innovative Digital Solutions 15th August ~15th September
MediaPost OMMA Awards ~19th August ~26th September
Creative Out Of Home Awards (COOH) 26th August 23rd November
IPA Best of Health Show 26th August 29th November
The Premier Digital Awards 28th August 12th November
HSMAI Adrian Awards 31st August 21st February
The Drum Cream Awards 31st August 16th November
Effective Mobile Marketing Awards ~31st August ~17th November
The Drum Network Awards ~1st September ~24th November
CMA International Content Marketing Awards 2nd September 22nd November
PPA Digital Awards (Professional Publishers Association) 6th September 8th November
Clio Health 8th September TBC
ECIA Marketing Awards (Electronics) 9th September 23rd - 25th October
The EVCOM Live Awards 12th September 18th November
Internet Advertising Bureau IAB Creative Showcase Awards 12th September 24th November
PR Daily's Content Marketing Awards 14th September ~1st December
The DMA Awards 15th September 5th December
Midas Awards for the World’s Best Financial Advertising ~15th September 2nd December
The Drum UK Event Awards (UKEA) 16th September 1st December
LACP Spotlight Awards for Global Communications 23rd September 7th November
PPA Customer Direct Awards 23rd September 23rd November
UK Search Awards 23rd September 30th November
Ragan's Employee Communications Awards 28th September ~11th - 12th February
Cynopsis Digital Hall of Distinction ~29th September ~13th November
Women in Marketing Awards 29th September 10th November
PPA Connect Awards 30th September 5th December
Newsworks Planning Awards 30th September 30th November
Rebrand 100 Global Awards 30th September ~20th February
International Design Communication Awards 30th September 17th November
Institute of Internal Communications (IoIC) ICon Awards 30th September 10th November
The Epica Awards 30th September 17th November
EDPA Awards ~1st October 29th November
MediaPost Online All Stars ~6th October 19th January
MarCom Awards 13th October 15th October
The #DoDifferent Awards (Marketing Agencies Association & The Guardian) ~17th October 2nd March
British Excellence in Sales and Marketing (BESMA) Awards ~19th October ~9th March
PR Daily's Video Awards 26th October ~1st April
Exhibitor Magazine Exhibit Design Awards 27th October 31st March
PRWeek Best Place to Work 30th October ~2nd January
MediaPost Agency of the Year ~30th October 25th January
Cristal Festival Media & Advertising International Awards 31st October 14th - 17th December
International AME Awards ~31st October ~1st March
The UnAwards 31st October 1st December
Summit Emerging Media Awards 1st November 17th April
Marketing and PR Brilliance Awards 11th November 1st December
The Killer Content Awards (The Finnys) 15th November 20th-22nd February
ARF David Ogilvy Awards 18th November 20th March
The Ticketing Technology Awards 25th November 5th April
Online Business & Retail PR Awards (OBRPR) ~30th November ~17th February
MAA Worldwide - The GLOBES Awards 30th November ~1st March
The Event Production Awards (EPAs) 30th November 1st March
Cynopsis Buyers & Planners Awards ~30th November 7th February
Ragan's PR Daily Awards 30th November ~1st June
CIPR #Insidestory Awards 30th November 25th February
Ad Age A-List and Creativity Awards Multiple dates 19th April
CIM Marketing Excellence Awards 12th December 27th April
Global Eventex Awards 12th December 24th January
AVA Digital Awards 15th December ~29th January
OBIE Awards 15th December 16th May
Horizon Interactive Awards 15th December 1st April
The 4 As Partner Awards 16th December (1st), January 20th (2nd) 3rd February (final deadline) ~23rd March
PRmoment Awards 16th December 16th March and 29th March
The Peer Awards for Communicating Excellence 31st December 24th March
Event Marketer Experience Design & Technology Awards TBC 13th November
ARF Great Mind Awards ~1st January ~21st March
Event Marketer EX Awards 1st January 3rd May
The International Andy Awards 13th January ~22nd April
Internationalist Awards for Innovation in Media 13th January ~13th March
Digiday Publishing Awards 13th January 23rd March
UK Sponsorship Awards 16th January 28th March
The Awards Awards 17th January 12th May
Women of Tomorrow Awards ~19th January ~8th March
BestFor PR Ongoing Ongoing
Fresh PR Awards 24th January 23rd February
PRWeek Global Awards 24th January ~27th - 28th April
The One Show 27th January ~10th May
Creativepool Annual Awards 27th January 23rd March
Performance Marketing Awards 27th January 25th April
ADworld Experience SEM Awards 31st January 14th April
The Internet Advertising (IAC) Competition Awards 31st January ~1st March
IABC Gold Quill Awards (for Business Communication) 31st January 13th June
Ragan & PR Daily's Ace Awards (Awarding Communication Excellence) 31st January ~1st February
New York Festivals World's Best Advertising Awards 31st January 18th May
The Communicator Awards 3rd February ~26th April
The Marketing Society Excellence Awards 3rd February 14th June
The Global Effie Awards 3rd February ~22nd May
Festival of Media Global Awards 3rd February 26th April
Roses Creative Awards 10th February 4th May
ADC Annual Awards ~10th February 8th May
Public Relations and Marketing Excellence Awards 15th February 27th March
Design Advertising and Digital (D&AD) Professional Awards 15th February 25th April
The Loyalty Awards 15th February 20th June
International Digital Emmy Award 16th February 20th November
World Media Awards 16th February 6th April
The Connected Consumer Awards (The Connies) 17th February 3rd May
The Drum Marketing Awards 17th February 30th May
Internal Communications Brilliance Awards 20th February 23rd March
Engagement & Loyalty Awards 20th February 18th May
The Drum RAR Awards ~21st February 26th April
The BCSC Purple Apple Marketing Awards 22nd February 4th May
CIPR Excellence Awards 22nd February 6th June
AMEC International Communication Effectiveness Awards 24th February 17th May
The Drum Digital Trading Awards 24th February 31st May
MediaPost's Digital Out-of-Home OOH Awards 24th February 19th September
The IPM Awards (Institute of Promotional Marketing) 28th February 7th June
The Conference Awards 28th February 30th June
The A International Advertising, Marketing and Communication Design Award 28th February 15th April
Clio Sports Awards 3rd March 3rd May
The Caples Awards 6th March ~25th March
Chip Shop Awards 8th March 7th June
PRO Awards (Promotion Marketing) 10th March 13th June
Cresta International Advertising Awards 10th March ~21st October
British Arrows Awards 10th March 24th May
UK Biddable Media Awards 10th March 25th May
Digiday Content Marketing Awards 10th March 1st May
Marketing Automotive Awards N/A 12th April
HOW Promotion & Marketing Design Awards 13th March 31st August
The Drum Marketing on Mobile Awards (MOMAs) 16th March 11th May
MEMCOM Awards 20th March 17th May
D&AD New Blood Awards 22nd March ~2nd July
The Insurance Marketing & PR Awards 22nd March 9th June
CRN Sales & Marketing Awards 24th March 29th June
Design Week Awards 29th March 13th June
AEO Excellence Awards (Association of Event Organisers) 31st March 16th June
Clear Channel Outdoor Media Awards 31st March ~5th May
The APG Creative Strategy Awards 5th April 12th October
Muse Creative Awards 7th April 28th April
Masterclassing Awards 13th April 27th June
The PRCA DARE Awards 13th April 2nd June - 13th July (Regions)
Hermes Creative Awards 14th April 1st May
Exhibitor Sizzle Awards 14th April 1st October
Clio Fashion & Beauty Awards 14th April 11th September
Cannes Lions Awards 20th April 17th - 24th June
EVCOM Screen Awards 21st April 1st November
Investment Marketing and Innovation Awards 21st April 30th June
Brandon Hall Excellence in Sales Performance Awards 21st April 25th - 27th January
Summit Creative Award 24th April ~17th June
Ragan & PR Daily's Media Relations Award 26th April ~1st November
Facebook Awards 28th April 15th June
Institute of Internal Communication Awards (IoIC) 28th April 29th September
BIMA Awards (British Interactive Media Association) 28th April ~15th September
CEB Internal Communications Awards 28th April 29th June
PR Daily's Digital PR & Social Media Awards 28th April 25th May
PR World Awards 28th April 26th June

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